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RFB is à Montreal, Qc and online based. RFB team is composed of
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Breath Coach



Julien Fatisson

ABOUT JULIEN (he/they)


Julien is a Breath Coach, Transformational Breathwork Facilitator, Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, Social Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Scientist and Osteopathic Practitioner. After his PhD in Structural and Molecular Physico-Chemistry and his Osteopathic degrees, Julien faced anxiety which led him to a burn out and lower back chronic pain. He tried everything that medicine could offer without any result. After many years trying to find a solution, he came back to the basics : breathing. He already knew about resonant breathing, which could help him on a daily basis for meaning anxiety but something was missing. He started his spiritual journey by following the teaching from the First Nations in Quebec, which allowed him accepting his non-binary status. Luckily, he then discovered Holotropic and transformational breathwork which gave him the tools to get out of his burnout and find the freedom he is so devoted to achieve and to help anyone around him achieve as well. Now, he can see trauma and life challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Since he is a high performer and a high achiever himself, he likes to work to people who want to achieve any goal with clarity, focus and purpose by harnessing the power of the breath. Strong and vulnerable, aware and grounded, free and conscious of life is where balance can be found for thriving life to the most.
our mission
Rising Falcon Breathwork’s mission focus on making the world a better breather by bringing people to take care of their health by themselves. RFB aims to connect with our own humanity by learning to better connect with our own selves through better breathing. How can we reach this global objective? By teaching each and every one of us how to use our breathing to take care of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
OUR Vision
We are currently experiencing a new global mental and respiratory health paradigm where anxiety rates are skyrocketing and where chronic respiratory diseases are expected to be the #1 reason for medical consult and rank themselves up in the main causes of death board. The world needs to breathe better. At RFB, we can improve physical and mental health by teaching humans how to unlock their breath. We curate experiences to unlock everybody’s potential.


Jean Couturier
Julien as a guide could take care of each person when they needed it the most. It was very nice to have him as a guide.He accompanies us, he pushes us. A little in our entrenchments. It guides us in this subconscious state that we try to reach to find the things that are buried and that we want to change.
Frank Underwood
I’ve been holding my breath my whole life, like it’s taboo, as if breathing is a vice. My nervous system was fried. I could not touch people or relax, I couldn’t hold a conversation with a stranger, I wasn’t digesting food, I didn’t cuddle my children, I was the walking dead. Breath connects me. Its the first step. With the work of breathing I have been able to feel myself tap into my senses. I can see colour. Colour so true I was surprised I had forgotten that the world IS so vibrant. I can eat. I can balance. Julien/Rising Falcon is an invite. Small or big doses; you choose. I put my trust in Julien and he always hands it back to me, grateful, but insistent that I am the one who will make my own way
Monique Coupal
Beauty creator and Potentials Coach
I want to thank you for the good care you gave me yesterday. My body reacted strongly!!! I slept a 14 hours online! I'm sure he needed it to fix himself! I still have a little pain but it's like a memory of pain! Nothing to be compared with what I was feeling.