Learn how to live better
by Breathing better





Physical: Nervous System Regulation, improved immune system, Better Sleep

Mental/Emotional: Improved Emotional Regulation, Release of Emotional Imprints, Unblock Mental Blockages, Reshape Self-Limiting Beliefs

Spiritual: Connect with Inner Self And Greater Purpose, Experience Life Force Flow, Sense Of Clarity, Discover one's Mission
And Many More.


Personalized programs for specific health needs and personal development objectives within a safe and secure environment
In studio or Online. General transformational Breathwork Classes.
Breathing practice workshops. Experiencing enhanced group entrainment.
Presentations and consulting services to manage stress, increase performance, and increase mental clarity and decision making through breathing techniques.


Cathy Proulx

Right after the breathwork, I realized that the pressure on my chest was gone. I could do a 10 minute video every day to tell all the changes that happened!!! I left the insecurity, anxiety, panic and fear at the breathwork. All of it disappeared. All is not part of my life anymore. Today I feel more confident, a feeling that I am not used to but that I appreciate. It is easier to take decisions. It is a MAJOR change in my life.

Stéphane Flamand
Maths teacher

For me, the first transformational breathwork sessions helped me released traumatic imprints while the one I just got out showed me my own power. My subconscious mind revealed me love, joy and that is my power.

Ems Aubin
Co-founder of Thoughts over Dishes

I still can’t believe the power of the exercise presented. I’ve talked about it with everyone I’ve seen since last night and strongly recommended that they all have this experience at least once in their life. The human body is filled with possibilities and knowing that I can reach levels of my subconscious simply through the breath fascinates me immensely. My body has stored so many anxieties and uncertainties over the years, but I now know that it is possible to release the accumulated tensions and make room to let in gratitude and happiness. Thank you 🙏🏻

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